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~My (^ . ^)Albumz~

My big pix ( ^ - ^ ) when I was in Middle Skool from << KS >>  Me! (* - *)  at Longwood Garden in << PA >> (summer *97)  Another pix of me at Universal Studios in << CA>>  (summer *96)  My old pix! Was taken when I went back to << VIETNAM >> (summer *95) 
Me and my friendz Maria in << CO >> (winter *96 My 17th Birthday :-) was celebrated in << KS >> (summer *97) Guess Who? Leslie Nguyen << my best friendz from KS >>
Another pix of Leslie =) Kathy Pham a friendz from << NJ >> My friendz LiNdA vO from << KS >> My pretend sis Hoa Dao from  <<MI >>
Thuy Nguyen : My best friendz from SAIGON (VN)  My friendz from VIRGINIA Ooh one of my sweetie~ sis from NJ (She look like Chinese isn't she?) Hoa Dao<<<my best friendz from MI >>also known as lonelyb@bi...heheee:)
My cool cousin Hung from << CA >>, his American name is Mike. Ngoc Thuy my best friendz who live in << Saigon >> rite now!!! My smart cousin Huy from << NJ >>, his American name is James.... Here is another pix of Mike.
Mike and Lyn at the prom. My friendz Suong Nhi from << MA >>, one of my cool sis! Hung my good friendz from << Canada >> My friendz Huong from MA