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 Welcome to My Profile 


English Name   Melissa
Vietnamese Name   Thuy Tran
Date of Birth   Taurus 1980
Place of Birth   Vietnam
Reported Height   5'2"
Reported Weight   109 lbs 
Family Members   Parents
My Measurements   B34-W24.5-H35.5"
Marital Status   Single
Past Highest Level of Education   Level A
Sleep Wear   T-shirt and shorts
Hobbies   Chat and Hangout 
Favorite Dance   Freestyle
Favorite Colors   White & Blue
Favorite Clothing   Skirts and dresses
Favorite Singers   All R&B singers
Favorite Places   Shopping Centers  
Restaurants with music
Favorite Actors   Leonaldo Dicaprio
Likes Movies With   Titanic
Favorite People   My Parents
Favorite Food   Anything Eatable:)
Least Favorite Food   Raw Fish
Favorite Fruit   Anything except grape
Favorite Drink   Dr.Pepper
Favorite Instant Noodle   Hot & Spicy
Favorite Country   USA 
Favorite Pet   CK 
What I Fears   Becoming fat
Most Unforgettable Event   When i left my country
Favorite Reading Material   Fashion magazines,  
Favorite Hygienic Materials   POLO, CK, DKNY  
Colgate toothpaste/ -brush  
Biolage Shampoo  
Cover Mark (Make-Up)
My Desires   Becoming a great computer science;  
Lead a happy life